Черноморское побережье Болгарии - отели, развлечения, бизнес
Ваш путеводитель по инвестициям на морских курортах
Ваш путеводитель по инвестициям на морских курортах

Все методы заработка на курортах

Курортные инвестиции в ресторанном и развлекательном бизнесе на побережье Черного моря. Как оно работает? This 3-storey building and boat 35000 square meters of retail space. The second part of the trip takes place aboard the Royal Helen, for an unforgettable cruise where you'll toast the day with a glass of champagne.

The particles comprising the beach are sometimes of biological origin, such as mollusk shells or coralline algae. The beach was expanded in 2007 using rocks and sand that was removed when digging out for the Marina. Main road I-9 extends along the black sea coast between the Romanian border, in the village of Durankulak and the town of Bourgas.

The region is an important center of tourism during summer season (May–October), drawing millions of foreign and local tourists and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The stalls here lean towards the traditional side of the fence. This newly opened shopping centre is a force to be reckoned with. In 2000-ies, although Golden Sands managed largely to avoid overdeveloped as other large resorts were, parts of the protected forest adjacent to the urban area were cleared for the construction of the aquapolis water Park. This may not be as well known as the Greek Islands or Spanish coast at the moment, but this may change in the next decade or so. The town lies at the foot of the southern slopes of the Balkan mountains, in the Northern part of the Bourgas Bay.

The sand Deposit may extend well inland of the crest of the shaft, where there may be evidence of one or more older crests (the storm beach) resulting from very large storm waves and do not affect the normal wave. The settlement became a Climatic sea resort in 1963 and a town on 2 February 2006. Vlas, Sunny beach, Nessebar, Ravda, Pomorie, Sozopol, Duni Royal resort and many others ... Although the seashore is most commonly associated with the word beach, beaches are found by lakes and alongside large rivers. In this area the average temperature in summer is about 28 °C, average water temperature of 26 °C.

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